Heating and Cooling Load Calculation

What is a Heating and Cooling Load Calculation; Is this Useful to Me?


Our Comfort Specialist will almost always perform a heating and cooling load calculation to analyze your HVAC needs.  Why?  There are several important reasons why we do this:

  • Determine the “Right-Size” System for your home. Some of the key factors that will help in that determination include the size of the house, the insulation installed, the windows (number, size, type, and location), and the prevailing local climate.
  • Energy Efficiency. The more efficient your system, the more efficient your energy consumption and cost should be.
  • The correct size system should produce more consistent and comfortable indoor temperatures year-round.
  • If a system is too big for the house, it will likely cycle on and off more than it should, which can lead to more wear and tear on the equipment resulting in a shorter lifespan for the system, possible higher than desired humidity levels during the cooling season, higher utility bills.
  • Cost Savings. Don’t spend more than you need to when replacing your HVAC system. And save annually on your utility bills.
  • Environmental Impact. Operating the right system for your home can help reduce the impact on your environment.
  • System Warranty. Some HVAC equipment companies may require a load analysis to help make sure you have the right size system thereby, in their view, reducing potential warranty claims.

 ComfortXpress can provide a comprehensive load analysis for your home or business. Call us and find out more. 

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