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Residential Service


ComfortXpress provides reliable and expert servicing of just about any type of residential heating or cooling system.

  • Our technician will visit the home, learn the details of the issue, inspect the unit(s), and run testing operations as appropriate in an effort to clearly understand the problem and to diagnose the cause of the malfunctioning as well. 
  • A problem resolution recommendation with a proposed repair date will be developed for the customer to consider. 
  • Often, the technician may be able to make the repair at the time of initial inspection.
  • Moreover, we understand that system breakdown can occur at all hours of the day, including weekends or holidays.  That is why we have service technicians available or on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  • To start the process, either call us (We have direct numbers in Oklahoma City, Edmond, and Seminole listed on this site), or click the button below and someone will contact you as soon as possible. 

Residential Sales


  ComfortXpress provides sales to residential customers in just about any setting imaginable. Our sales approach is simple - we want YOU to be happy and comfortable with your investment. 

  • The first step is to contact us for a home visit so that we can see the home's layout and understand your needs. 
  • The visit includes some measurements which we will use to calculate the residence's heating and cooling loads. This is needed to quote the correct size and functionality of the heating and/or cooling units necessary. 
  • In this visit, we can discuss and compare different types of systems such as geothermal, ductless, or zoned, and traditional. 
  • If interested, check out our financial assistance page (link at top).   

ComfortXpress Provides Residential Sales & Service


Attic Located Air-Handling System in a Residential Application


Commercial Rooftop HVAC Application

rooftop commercial HVAC

Commercial HVAC Application

rooftop commercial HVAC

Commercial External Unit Application

Comfort Xpress provides service to commercial operations, large or small. 

  • Understanding the needs of the store owner, library, production plant, licensed cannabis grow operation, school, or another type of operation is the first step in the development of an appropriate recommendation if the owner is looking for a replacement unit or if it's new construction. 
  • Determining the heating and cooling loads required is an equally important component of the proposal. 
  • We have the experience and expertise necessary to construct such a quote.   All we ask is for you to give us the opportunity to meet and discuss the need and our approach. 
  • Call us or simply click the button below to start the conversation.

Commercial HVAC Sales & Service

We are proud of our expertise and experience in sales and servicing commercial HVAC systems - well over 25 years. 

  • Our experience includes almost all traditional ground-level systems as well as rooftop and geothermal systems. 
  • We also have significant experience with zoned and ductless systems. 
  • Let us see if we can help solve your energy management system. 

Technical Consultation to Licensed Cannabis Grower about HVAC and Environmental Control


Comfort Xpress has significant experience and expertise regarding HVAC and general environmental systems and procedures that have been successfully deployed by licensed cannabis growers ranging from smaller operations to large multi-facility indoor and outdoor growing venues. 

  • Contact us and Lenard will reach out to discuss your needs and our solutions. 
  • Simply click the link below and submit a special request that will be directed specifically to Lenard for a response. 
  • We look forward to working with all licensed growers. 

Installation of HVAC Equipment and Ductwork for Licensed Cannabis Grow Indoor Operation


Customer Testimonials

dawson interview

Satisfied Comfort Xpress Customer - Marie Dawson

Listen to Marie discuss her experiences with Comfort Xpress here in Oklahoma, and how satisfied she is.

Marie Dawson Discusses her Experiences with Comfort Xpress

Audio recording of the testimonial produced with certain edits intended to reduce the size and length of recording - and to minimize any extraneous sounds.  Nothing of substance was redacted other than the customer's home address.  Signed release on file for image and recording. - R.C. Mathews 12-10-21

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ComfortXpress helps businesses and organizations

Jared, from the God's Assembly Church in Seminole, OK.   ComfortXpress installed a new mini-split system at the church, insulated the attic, and installed a protective cage around the outdoor unit.    5/26/23

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